Take a look online for the Rodi Mood katalog and shop for the very latest Rodimood collection for women, men and kids at RodiMood clothing stores in Istanbul and rest of Turkey.

The Brands story started as a small atelier in Izmir, the 3rd largest city of Turkey on the Aegean coast. At that time denim was not spread over Turkey yet. In 1986 it began to sell their denim products under the brand name Rodi and the Turkish brand opened in the same year its first store in Izmir. Since then the brand continued opening stores and has grown substantially since the early days. In 1996 Rodi moved its branding activities from Izmir to Istanbul and in 2006 it changed the name of its brand into Rodimood and build its fashion brand into one that responds to the demands of men, women and kids between 3 – 70 years old, who look for casual daily outfits with the latest trends in fashion. Today Rodimood is one of the most popular clothing brands in Turkey and has more than 123 stores, 19 franchise stores and 145 sales points throughout Turkey.

Official website: www.rodimood.com.tr